Making Peg Dolls, 詩書坊

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Making Peg Dolls

Making Peg Dolls
作者 Margaret Bloom lives with her family in a little cottage beneath the great oak trees of Northern California.
She has a master's degree in counseling psychology, has worked as a professional puppeteer, and loves
making peg dolls with her children. It gives her the greatest joy to inspire children and families everywhere
to create, play, and dream.
出版社  Hawthorn Press

Peg dolls are small, enchanting, and easy to make. They are a perfect craft for children and can become the
inspiration for endless play and storytelling. Margaret Bloom invites you to enter the tiny magical world of peg dolls.

Coming from the Waldorf handcraft tradition, these irresistible dolls encourage creative play and promote the
emotional and imaginative development of young children. Peg dolls can be made from natural materials to reflect
the seasonal cycle, favorite fairy tales and festivals from around the world. Inside this book you will find patterns
for creating bluebirds & butterflies, flowers & fairytale figures, gnomes, winter angels and more:

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for children and crafters of all levels and experience
  • Beautiful color illustrations and photos
  • More than sixty designs and patterns for peg dolls
  • Ideas for peg dolls as gifts and toys, for seasonal nature tables, or for fairs
  • An inspiring section on storytelling with peg dolls

Making Peg Dolls will be a valuable resource for both family and classroom activities with young children.


頁數 192 pages

ISBN: 9781907359170


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